Case Studies


Challenge: Outgrowing Your Solo Consultant

Think Development Systems (TDS) is a leading international consulting firm headquartered in Lawrenceville, GA with satellite offices around the world. As a startup, TDS found that working with a solo IT consultant filled both their business and budget needs. Yet over time, as they continued to grow, TDS began to realize that their IT strategy wasn't keeping pace with their business. The breaking point came when the network linking their 6 global offices started to frequently go down, and their solo consultant had neither the time nor the experience to fix it.

Solution: A Scalable IT Partner

Roger Bergren was put in charge of finding a solution to TDS's IT problems. Through a combination of online searching and word-of-mouth referrals, she compiled a list of over 30 IT companies to review. These providers were comprised of everyone from large nationwide firms, to small local shops, and even other solo consultants that had more experience working with larger clients. In the end, what he wanted was something in the middle; an organization big enough to take care of their technology, but still make them feel important.

Qanta came on board and immediately performed a comprehensive assessment of TDS's network. This assessment determined the effectiveness of the network in meeting TDS's business goals and made prioritized recommendations for ways that it could be improved to become a more reliable and productive business asset. Qanta also provided TDS with multiple strategic plans that addressed meeting business and IT goals while scaling for growth in a cost-effective way.

Result: A Complete IT Solution

Today, Qanta works closely with TDS to understand the unique nature of their business day in and day out, and implement strategic solutions that will grow with them. From managing inventory and handling issuance & recovery of laptops and IT hardware resources, to providing proactive onsite & offsite support and round-the-clock monitoring of their global network - Qanta is making sure that TDS's needs are consistently being met.

With Qanta I know that it's just going to happen, and it's going to happen correctly. I don't need to worry 'is this the best solution?' because it is.


I decided to go with Qanta because they made me feel that I was going to matter as a customer and that they would take an interest in my business and how technology affects it strategically, not just technically. I was right.


Roger Bergren
Think Development Systems

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