Message Archiving

The volume of email created by organizations daily is staggering, not to mention the fact that messages need to be properly stored, backed up, and accessed when and where needed. Safely archiving emails is a must-have today – for business continuity, regulatory compliance, and more efficient mail server operations.

Qanta makes it easy for you to archive all inbound and outbound messages, providing a complete and cost-effective storage solution. Powered by McAfee's Email Archiving solution – provided as a SaaS offering – you gain unlimited storage for your messages without the management and maintenance requirements that accompany traditional solutions, such as tape backup.

With the SaaS model, you could transfer emails off internal servers – dramatically reducing your physical storage requirements, while still enabling unlimited access. Take advantage of simple or advanced search functionality, basing queries on everything from header, subject, and attachment, to sender, recipient, date range, or message size. And, all searches are saved for future use.

Preserve Email Communications, Today and Tomorrow

With Qanta's Message Archiving services, you have an always-available, easy-to-use solution to protect your most critical communications. Our solution allows you to find specific messages to meet organizational, regulatory, or individual user requests, providing you with the confidence that all messages are available and secure, 24x7.

  • Unlimited, cloud-based storage
  • Eased administration through Web-based interface
  • Seamless access to messages when and where needed
  • A comprehensive archiving solution without additional hardware/software investments
  • Tamperproof, read-only storage
  • Support for compliance requirements for archiving emaile
  • Messages indexed by content and attachments
  • Complete data protection through transport and storage encryption

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