Network Monitoring

There's no debating: you need comprehensive visibility into the performance, availability, and security of your network. Without this visibility, you're putting your business data, your employees, and even your bottom line in jeopardy. But, the reality among today's SMBs is that they often don't have the resources or the budget to effectively monitor corporate networks. You simply can't do it on your own, especially not 24x7.

The good news is that we can.

Through Qanta's Network Monitoring services, we treat your network as if it were our own. We closely monitor all key network components to make sure that availability and uptime are maximized - all the time.

Your Network Priorities Are Our Priorities

When it comes to keeping your business up and running, your network is our top priority. From assessing server CPU and memory performance, to error log monitoring, to drive space analysis for workstations, to enhanced application monitoring, Qanta helps you identify potential network problems before they slow down operations. With a 360 degree view of network activities, you can make the right decisions for your company - preserving your valuable business assets, as well as the network equipment that makes them widely available.

With Qanta's Network Monitoring services, customers benefit from:

  • Robust hardware monitoring (drives, NIC's, power supplies, fans)
  • Server performance monitoring (CPU, disk, memory utilization)
  • Specific business application monitoring
  • Event log monitoring
  • Core edge devices monitoring (routers, firewalls, switches, ISP gateway)
  • Virus and spyware event notifications

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