Aging Servers

Are your servers showing their age? Have you gotten to the point where you've had it with your server sprawl? If you're like many SMBs, you probably have a closet with too many servers performing a single role - underutilized equipment that still consumes significant energy and contributes to hefty utility and cooling costs. This not only unnecessarily increases costs and complexity, but also creates many single points of failure. Are you going to end up paying the ultimate price of server failure and disrupted business operations?

Qanta helps SMBs improve the performance of their server infrastructure - providing cost-effective alternatives to pricey server replacement. Qanta's services and consulting expertise are designed to help your organization take back control of your IT assets - improving server reliability and availability, reducing capital costs and operating expense, and supporting green IT initiatives.

Extend the Life Expectancy of Your IT Infrastructure

At Qanta, we provide you with the flexibility and freedom to take your computing resources well beyond the limitations of your current configuration. With our Virtualization Solutions, you can manage an entire server infrastructure via a single point of control - reducing hardware and operating costs, along with provisioning time. Or, you can leverage our Managed Server hosting solutions and eliminate the need for on-premise hardware altogether. Our group of specialists will conduct a thorough needs analysis, providing advice on implementations of private or public cloud-based services to better allocate your server resources and management. Qanta's extensive consulting expertise provides you with a clear assessment of the solutions, staff, and specialists you need to support your current and future IT goals.

Want to get your aging servers in check? Qanta offers the following services:

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