Server & Network Management

Your servers and network infrastructure are the hub of your business - storing your most critical data, while also supporting end users' daily activities. As a result, maximizing uptime, optimizing capacity, and ensuring the protection of these valuable assets is no doubt one of your top priorities.

Yet, we hear again and again from organizations that want better control over their existing infrastructure. Maybe you don't have the expertise in-house to proactively manage your network full-time? Or, you want to consolidate existing, under-utilized servers in order to reduce energy consumption and costs? Or, you want to take stock of your server and network management best practices against industry standards? Or, you simply need better visibility into network activities to improve availability?

Whatever the pain point, Qanta can help.

Keep Your Network Protected and Your Valuable Information Secure

At Qanta, we're committed to making your network and server infrastructure easier to manage, more resilient, more efficient, and more secure. Clients depend on our expertise to proactively maintain their servers and networks and ultimately, ensure that IT investments are delivering as promised.

Whether you want to consolidate your existing server environment or move to a hosted/cloud-based model, Qanta can help reduce your capital costs and energy consumption, while improving system availability and resiliency. In addition, we help ensure your network environment is properly optimized and protected through our Bandwidth Utilization Analysis services and our suite of next-generation managed firewalls. Learn how we can support your server and network management challenges though the following services:

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