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Challenge: Dissatisfaction With an Outsourced IT Provider

"The model worked for us. The support was adequate. There were no issues."

Ira Jackson considered himself a satisfied customer. As the Chief Executive Officer of premier print manufacturer Perfect Image, Ira was in charge of managing the company's relationship with their outsourced IT provider. For years things had gone smoothly and both Ira and Perfect Image were pleased with the level of service they were receiving. But then Ira started to notice a disturbing increase in the frequency of engineer turnover, miscommunication, and general unresponsiveness.

Requests for new engineers to replace those that weren't performing adequately were slow to be fulfilled. Their outsourced provider's Help Desk, a service Perfect Image came to rely on heavily, was failing to resolve issues in a timely manner. It just never seemed like anyone who serviced their account, remotely or on-site, was ever on the same page.

Ira had enough. The decision was made to let go of their current provider and find a new solution.

Solution: Finding the Right Fit

Hiring an internal IT resource didn't make sense for the 30 person company, and solo consultants couldn't offer the services or round-the-clock coverage that Perfect Image required.

Ira knew that outsourcing was the right solution and in order to prevent the problems he and Perfect Image experienced with their previous provider, he needed to find a company that offered more than just technical expertise.

"The difference came down to the quality of the service and people. With Qanta we saw that they would be able to manage both the technical and business sides of the relationship, and that's not something that is easy to find. In the end, after evaluating many different outsourced service providers, we found that the model and philosophy of Qanta just made the most sense."

Result: Seamless Network Management, Seamless Relationship

Today, Perfect Image no longer worries about lack of communication, slow issue resolution, or unfamiliar engineers due to turnover. By using Qanta's Online Client Portal, anyone at Perfect Image can log service requests and monitor their progress in real time. And because of Qanta's unique team-based engineering structure, Ira is assured that if anything were to happen to his primary on-site engineer, he would receive a secondary engineer who is familiar with both Perfect Image's network and people.

The decision to switch from one outsourced IT provider to another carried a substantial amount of risk and uncertainty. But for Ira, looking at the relationship Perfect Image now has with Qanta, it's a decision he's glad he made.

There hasn't been any issues I can think of where Qanta hasn't been able to solve the problem. Qanta just makes our IT work and lets us focus on our core business


The quality of the service is what made the outsourced model work for us. If you have multiple people coming in at different times it can be hard to manage the relationship and make it work.


Ira Jackson
Perfect Image

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