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Challenge: Replace Your Aging Exchange Server

Located in Duluth, GA, Dynamic WebPrint provides ecommerce, web-to-print, and variable digital printing solutions using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Like most businesses, Dynamic WebPrint is dependent on their email systems for their day to day operations. However, with clients all over the world, the work day never truly ends. Next to their production web environment, email is their most critical system used, involved in 90% of their support and communications.

Due to extensive construction in their building, Dynamic WebPrint was experiencing lengthy and unexpected power outages. By hosting their Exchange server onsite, the unreliable building power was capable of taking down their primary communication system. The inability to respond to customers was putting their existing client relationships at risk and jeopardizing potential opportunities.

Solution: Implementation of Hosted Email Solution

Brandy Pankow, the Chief Information Officer at Dynamic WebPrint, was responsible for ensuring business continuity in the event of a disruption. They needed a dependable email solution that would mitigate the risk associated with hosting their own Exchange server. Being their trusted IT service provider for the previous seven years, Dynamic WebPrint consulted Qanta for alternatives.

Qanta's expert consultants worked with Brandy to lay out a cloud strategy that made sense for his business. "Our primary concern was speed to implement. We were in a tight place with an office move and building power issues" adds Brandy.

The recommendation included a move to a Hosted Exchange environment that would coincide with Dynamic WebPrint’s pending office move. The first step required virtualizing their existing Exchange server and transferring the image to their data center. After the office move was complete, Dynamic WebPrint was upgraded to Exchange 2010. Throughout this process, email continuity was maintained, the project deadline was met, and overall expectations exceeded.“We went from planning to migration to launch in the new facility in under a week. Qanta‘s flexibility and response made it a seamless process”, recalls Brandy.

Result: No More Email Worries

By recommending a move to a Managed Cloud email platform, Dynamic WebPrint experienced the following benefits over their previous in-house Exchange solution:


  • Email files stored at a secure, off-site location accessible by all members of their workforce
  • Redundancy for 99.999% uptime and reliability
  • Affordable, flat-rate pricing without having to invest in new hardware
  • Enterprise-class email service without the cost of maintenance
  • Peace of mind knowing that planning for Exchange upgrades are a thing of the past

We went from planning to migration to launch in the new facility in under a week. Qanta's flexibility and response made it a seamless process.


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