Reduce IT Capital Expense

In today's economic climate, cutting IT capital expenditures is at the top of most SMBs' priority lists. But, how do you navigate the best cost-saving measures and determine which are right for your business? How do you reduce your hardware footprint and software expenses, without adversely affecting network operations, security, or availability?

Qanta implements virtualized solutions and cloud-based services to reduce server sprawl. We also offer hardware-as-a-service and software-as-a-service platforms. All of these services are meant to boost SMBs' network capabilities while decreasing capital costs. By taking advantage of Qnata's services and consulting expertise, customers benefit from improved management, control, and visibility into daily network activities. Simply put, we help eliminate your business' investments in soon-to-be obsolete infrastructure components - turning capital expenses into operating expenses.

Complete Network Protection, For Less

At Qanta, we provide you with enterprise-class equipment and services without the associated price tag. We help you consolidate your physical server load while increasing server utilization. We provide next-generation firewalls, fully supported by our experts, for a low, flat monthly fee and no upfront costs. And, the same holds true for advanced back-up and recovery appliances. We evaluate your IT infrastructure to create a roadmap for product replacements and cost savings. The options are endless. Learn more about how Qanta drives down capital expenses through the following services:

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