Bandwidth Utilization Analysis

At Qanta, we treat Internet bandwidth as a precious commodity. It has finite restrictions, but also has a major responsibility - to consistently meet your performance standards, as well as the evolving needs of your users, your network, and your business. Not to mention, with the growing popularity of cloud-based services, reliable and redundant Internet capabilities are a must-have to support current and future SaaS deployments.

You've made a financial investment in your bandwidth, but have you, in turn, invested the time to understand how it's actually performing? How is bandwidth being consumed? By whom? And, when?

You need answers to these types of questions in order to make informed decisions based on the actual needs of your business. Do you need to purchase more bandwidth? Create new Internet usage policies? Reprioritize traffic? Quite simply, visibility into Internet bandwidth is imperative to better manage the time, costs, and efforts associated with daily network activities.

Qanta can help.

Discover Your Path to Optimized Bandwidth

We conduct an extensive assessment of your bandwidth utilization, scanning all of your traffic to gain a comprehensive picture of usage, including data on:

  • Total bandwidth consumption
  • Peak usage periods
  • Unexpected usage patters
  • Bandwidth-intensive applications & traffic patterns
  • Bandwidth-intensive machines
  • Traffic profiles of bandwidth-intensive machines
  • Users' Web activities - allotted time & number of clicks

Your Q-team will then conduct a thorough analysis of the results and create a comprehensive report, with findings reviewed on-site. It's time to get control over your Internet traffic with Qanta.

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