Email Encryption

We understand the vital role that email plays in maintaining important relationships with customers, partners, investors, and other key stakeholders. When users hit "send" you need to know that any sensitive and confidential data is properly protected - and that your compliance standings and corporate reputation stay intact. But, the reality is that you might not have the resources or budget to manage an on-site, stand-alone encryption product.

Qanta's Email Encryption services provide you with a cost-effective, high-performing solution to ensure that outbound emails are sent in a secure and compliant manner. Powered by McAfee's SaaS solution, Qanta's email encryption offering provides the ultimate flexibility for handling message encryption. For example, encryption can be managed on a user-by-user basis or select messages auto-encrypted based on organizational policies. Regardless of the method, emails are delivered to a Web-based pick-up portal for recipients to easily view and reply.

Secure Communications Made Easy

By using a SaaS-based encryption model, you benefit from enterprise-level performance without the cost and management complexity that comes with an on-premise solution. With Qanta's Email Encryption services, customers benefit from:

  • Keyword- or policy-based encryption
  • Receipt confirmation via a secure Web portal
  • Message expiration after 14 days
  • Cost savings from a cloud-based model
  • Compliance with privacy and/or security regulations

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