Managed Patching

Keeping pace with seemingly endless patch releases can be a very tedious and time consuming process. It can make for a daunting to-do list: tracking available patches; knowing which patches are appropriate for which systems; ensuring patches are installed correctly; and then deploying those patches as quickly and efficiently as possible. But, we all know that it's a necessary practice, as without the latest updates, you're putting your network - and your users - at serious risk.

Qanta takes the task of patch management off your hands, automating the process to provide a cost-effective and streamlined solution. We proactively monitor your network systems for vulnerabilities and immediately address security weaknesses with required patches. We make sure that you're covered - through regularly scheduled monthly patch release updates and for real-time emergency updates in response to urgent threats.

Enterprise-Wide Patch Monitoring and Deployment

At Qanta, we provide you with the peace of mind that your servers and desktops are protected from potential exploits. We take on all of the management and administrative overhead - allowing you to focus on other IT-related tasks. We also make sure that your PCs and servers are current, secure, and optimized, by allowing you to benefit from:


  • Immediate identification of machines that require patching
  • Up-to-date patches for all supported Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems
  • Regularly scheduled monthly patching
  • Ability to include specific business applications in the managed patching regiment
  • Emergency updates to mitigate security threats
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Maximum system uptime

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